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OK, so you’re curious about becoming a police officer. The best decision is an informed decision, but how do you find out about the job if you don't know an officer yourself? The answer is surprisingly simple: learn from a genuine police supervisor. This author has hired dozens of people just like you during his career. His literature prepares you for every step of the hiring process, including:

- What to expect on written police officer exams, and how to pass with flying colors
- How to impress an individual or panel with your oral interviews
- How to take a polygraph exam – this is key, since most people haven’t done it before
- And much, much more!

Think about this: how much is a good police job worth? $40,000? $50,000? More? And that's just beginning salaries, without even considering benefits. That's why police jobs are extremely competitive. Think about how much you will earn, and how you can have your pick of the most competitive jobs if you prepare yourself. When you think about how much more you could earn if you ace your exams and interviews, doesn't it make sense to invest a small amount in your future?

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